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Werfree is the 1st internet friend I met. <DT><A HREF="">Edna C's Poetry</A> <DD>This is a very talented lady in recovery. </DL> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </CENTER> <P> <CENTER> <BR CLEAR="all"> A Grand Total Of <IMG SRC="/bin/counter/NAindex.html?000000"> Recovering Addicts Have Visited This Site <BR CLEAR="all"> </CENTER> <BR> <P> <CENTER><A HREF=""><IMG SRC=""></A></CENTER> <P> </TD> <TD WIDTH="70%" VALIGN=TOP> <CENTER><a href=""> See my photos of Leather In Recovery at PhotoPoint</a></CENTER> <BR> <P> <CENTER>This Page, & all other pages relating to recovery, is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by Narcotics Anoymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, nor any other 12 Step Group. This is my own attempt to carry the message to those who have a problem with drugs of all types. If there is anythng here that I have done wrong, please email me & I will correct it. 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We need every1 to help get this off the ground. Please take the time 2 read it. <DT><A HREF="">Bo S. HomePage</A> <DD>Check out this site. This is the NAWOL founder <DT><A HREF="">Clean_N_Serene</A> <DD>My friend Terrel's page, Very beautiful page. <DT><A HREF="">HEALTHLINK USA-SUBSTANCE ABUSE</A> <DD>Check out this site to find help on any health problem. <DT><A HREF="">Narcotics Anonymous Approved Jewelry</A> <DD>Lots of nice stuff here </DL> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </CENTER> <P> <center> <table width="450" border=7><tr><td align="center"> <p align=left><font face="arial,helvetica" size=2><B><img src="" align="absmiddle" width="100" height="100" border="0"> This <a target="_top" href=";action=home">NA Way</a> site is owned by <a href=" ">Mike T. </a></b></font></p> <center> <P> <font face="arial,helvetica" size=2><B>[ <a target="_top" href=";id=17;action=sprev">Skip Prev</a> | <a target="_top" href=";id=17;action=prev">Prev</a> | <a target="_top" href=";action=list">List</a> | <a target="_top" href=";id=17;action=addform">Join</a> | <a target="_top" href=";id=17;action=rand">Random</a> | <a target="_top" href=";id=17;action=next">Next</a> | <a target="_top" href=";id=17;action=skip">Skip Next</a> ] <br><br> <i>Keep coming back...It Works...when you work it !!!</i> <br></b></font><font face="arial,helvetica" size="1"><B>Copyright 2000 <a href="">NA Way Webring</a> </b> </font></center> </td></tr></table> </center> <!-- End code --> <!---Start of code---> <center> <p> <P> <CENTER><TABLE BORDER=2 CELLSPACING=2 CELLPADDING=0 WIDTH="470"> <TR> <TD WIDTH="120"><CENTER> <A HREF="" TARGET="_parent"> <IMG SRC="" BORDER="0" ALT="Rehab. 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